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Unlike most other authors, I provide a full 'site experience' for my readers and followers, so take your time viewing all these pages. There's plenty to see on them and I update the pages on a regular basis.

My TV appearances and documentaries are featured on various sections. They include an interview with my old workmate PIERS MORGAN. There are FREE DOWNLOADS of full-length documentaries on TV/MEDIA as well as a FREE EBOOK.


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My full background story is on BIOGRAPHY.

Meanwhile, here's a brief outline of who I am:

My books have been published across the world and sold more than one and a half million copies. I've also written movie screenplays and worked on numerous TV documentaries in the UK, US and Spain.

I'm recognized as one of Britain’s most knowledgeable writers re the underworld. I first covered crime as a newspaper reporter thirty-five years ago. My numerous true-crime books include biographies of notorious Brink's-Mat gold handler and killer Kenneth Noye, ex-Great Train Robber Charlie Wilson and legendary south London criminal Jimmy Moody. The Noye book was one of the ten bestselling true crime titles of the 1990s.

I've also written about numerous other 'faces' in the UK and in Spain, where many criminals have made a safe haven for themselves. My knowledge is based on my ability to speak directly to many of these characters. I've built these underworld contacts up over many years.

I currently have a number of TV documentary projects in development, as well as two new books that have been published this year.

I've just started work on a new documentary for Ch.5 about the Brink's-Mat robbery. My book 'The Curse of Brink's-Mat' reveals how numerous villains and policemen have been killed in the name of that heist over the past 30 years. Even today, police admit that at least £10m worth of the gold stolen during the 1983 robbery is still unsmelted and is believed to have been hidden in underground locations across the south east of England.

A TV movie about master criminal and M25 killer Kenneth Noye is also in the works…he is expected to be released from prison next year...