Charlie Wilson was one of the leaders of the Great Train Robbery before he turned his back on old-school crime to mastermind a multi-billion dollar drugs network in partnership with the ultimate cocaine cowboy, Pablo Escobar. Today, Wilson is credited with turning cocaine into the west’s No. 1 recreational drug.

South Londoner Wilson ignored the anti-drugs code of his fellow Great Train Robbers when he built his cocaine empire. He made forays into the deadliest drug killing fields of all in South America, before he was himself taken out by a hitman in an unsolved murder. He had made too many enemies and fought too many battles and he had begun to lose control.
Meticulously researched, SECRET NARCO features interviews with many of Wilson’s friends, family members and enemies on both sides of the law enforcement divide, as well as associates of Pablo Escobar. For the first time the final, tragic circumstances behind Wilson and Escobar’s bloody deaths can be revealed, alongside the way in which their twisted partnership proved that gangsters never rest in peace.

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